Amazing Opportunity through the AHS Chapter Ambassadors Program 

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Curious what it is like to attend a National Conference? 


Hear what our Vice President Kathryn Harms has to say about her experiences attending the conference. "I attended my first American Harp Society Conference after my freshman year of college, and it was an inspiring and unforgettable experience! The schedule was packed with incredible performances, masterclasses, seminars, workshops, and more, and there was something for every harpist and harp-lover. I often found it difficult to choose which events to attend because I wanted to hear everything, and I was in awe at the exhibit hall filled with instruments and music.


I ran into old friends, made many new ones, and went home with a very long list of music to learn and harpists to follow. I found it particularly special to simply be among so many harpists with both shared and diverse interests, and I have since attended AHS national events whenever I can."

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Please Choose one of the following topics for your video essay. 

1. What skills do you hope to gain through attending the 2022 AHS National Event?

Talk about what you hope to experience by attending an array of workshops and concerts at the national event, and how you think they will benefit your engagement with the harp. (Visit for more information about the event!)


2. Are you inspired to create a community engagement project involving the harp? Do you have ideas for sharing your love of music and the harp with your community? Tell us about your vision for engaging with your community.


3. Describe how you imagine using the knowledge you gain from attending the national event to benefit your AHS chapter members and shape chapter activities in the future.

4. Some students have a background, identity, or interest that is so meaningful they believe it makes them the ideal candidate to be a Chapter Ambassador. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. 

These videos will be submitted to both parts of the application process. 

Student members! Check out this great opportunity to receive funding support to attend the 2022 AHS National Conference in Sioux Falls, SD by becoming an AHS Chapter Ambassador. 

What is a Chapter Ambassador and Why Should I Apply?

A Chapter Ambassador is a local student chapter member nominated by the Mile High Chapter Board and approved by the National AHS. If nominated by the Mile High Chapter Board, the student will receive a grant of $400 from the Mile High Chapter; then if the application is approved by the AHS, the new Chapter Ambassador will receive a matching grant of up to $500*. The student will then be able to put this money toward registration, travel expenses, and attendance at the June 2022 AHS National Conference in Sioux Falls, SD.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Being a Chapter Ambassador?

Yes! As a Chapter Ambassador, you will also design and execute a community engagement project under the mentorship and guidance of board members from the national AHS as well as the Mile High Chapter. This project is an incredible opportunity to learn from other professional harpists and develop the skills to interact with your community and promote the harp. Additionally, during the national conference Chapter Ambassadors will serve in various rolls as part of a support team for different concerts and events.  More information about the program can be found on the National AHS website:


*If any additional money (up to $100) is donated to or fundraised by the individual Chapter Ambassador, the National AHS will match those funds up to a total of $500.

Who Can Apply? 

Any student who meets the following criteria can apply.  There are two parts to the application process. (see below)

  • Any Harp Student Ages 12 - 21

  • Must be (or become) a member of both our local Mile High Chapter and the National Chapter of the AHS

  • Have participated in at least one Mile High Chapter event or an qualifying harp related event in the past year. (Harp Festivals, Harp Ensembles, masterclasses, studio recitals) 

First the student must submit the following application materials to our local Mile High Chapter FIRST to be reviewed by the board members. There will be a total of up to three nominees selected by the Mile High Chapter after a review process. Second, if the student is selected to be a Mile High Chapter Ambassador, then they will summit their application to the National Board to be reviewed in order receive the matching funding grant. 


Please send all application materials by December 12th to the Mile High Chapter Board by email at Use the email heading Chapter Ambassador Application.  You can submit the letter of endorsement and parental permission statement as pdf files or print the form provided HERE to send back as a pdf file.   

1. Three to five minute video essay

2. An endorsement from your harp teacher

3. A note of permission from your parent/guardian (if under 18)

If you have further questions please let us know by sending an email to (The National Chapter Submission Deadline has been extended) 


T-Shirt Design Contest

Your Design.png

The Mile High Chapter will be releasing a special T-shirt as a fundraiser for the Chapter Ambassadors Program and we want your artwork! Submit your design idea to by January 17, 2022.


Designs must follow the following parameters:


  • Harp-related

  • Representative of the CO harpist spirit

  • Black and white only

  • Maximum size: 8"x10"