Harp Fantasia 2022

The Mile High Chapter of the American Harp Society presents

October 8th, 2022
held at the Lakewood Cultrual Arts Center
470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226

The Mile High Chapter Board is excited to announce that Harp Fantaisa will take place in the Fall of 2022 again. Harp Fantasia is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow Colorado harpists and play in an ensemble concert setting. This is a favorite event in the Mile High Chapter as it brings the Colorado harp community together to have fun and experience being in the middle of rich vibrations of over 40 harps!  Both student and professional harpists look forward to participating in this biennial event!

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Ensemble Participation Requirements

Harp Fantasia is open to harpists of all ability levels with the recommendation of their harp teacher. (Students who are age 8 or younger must be chaperoned by a parent for all rehearsals) Also, you need be a member of the Mile High Chapter to participate in the ensembles.  



Ensemble Groups

Please choose the Ensemble Group that best fits your ability level and harp type. If you have questions about the different groups, please contact the group conductor or the Mile High Chapter Board. 

Group A – Lever Harp Only (Beginner/Late Beginner)   Conductor to be announced 

Example of music for this group: Ivy Fairy from "Enchanted Melodies" by Kathryn Cater


Group B – Lever and Pedal Harp (Intermediate)    Conductor to be announced 

Example of music for this group: Lullaby by Cindy Horstman 


Group C – Pedal Harp Only (Advanced)    Conducted by Kathryn Harms 

Example of music for this group: Scarborough Fair arr. by Erin Hansen Janke 


Large Ensemble – Groups A, B, and C combined      Conducted by Alaina Bongers

(parts chosen by student appropriate to their ability level)


Several sectional rehearsals for each group will be scheduled in the weeks leading up to the event and more details regarding the sectional rehearsal dates/times will be posted this summer.  We ask that you attend at least two of these sectional rehearsals (though attendance at all rehearsals is recommended) and they will be led by the appropriate group conductor. Rehearsal venues will also be announced later this summer. The rehearsals are intended to help you become more confident with the music and be more prepared for the final rehearsal on October 8th, 2022. 


Please Note: Once you complete the registration form an email with details on where/how to purchase your music will be sent out promptly.  

Cost and Registration

The early registration fee is $30.00 dollars for Mile High Chapter members and $55.00 for non-members. After August 15th registration will be $35.00 dollars for Mile High Chapter members and $60.00 for non-members. 

Just follow the registration link below to sign up for Harp Fantasia and if you would like to become a Mile High Chapter member click on the blue box below before registering for Fantasia.  Chapter Membership is on a rolling yearly basis. Becoming a chapter member gives you the benefit of being able to participate in other chapter sponsored events and receive ticket discounts throughout the coming year! 


Please complete the registration form and submit your registration payment no later than September 10th, as registration will close the beginning of September.  

Harp Fantasia 2022
Oct 08, 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM MDT
Lakewood Cultural Center ,
470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226, USA

Concert Small Ensemble Groups

We are excited to once again include the addition of small ensemble groups to the fantasia concert program on October 8th.  We are looking to plan a diverse program with many different styles of music and give harpists the opportunity to collaborate with each other and other musicians. 

If you are interested in assembling a small group to perform, please complete the bottom section of the registration form and fill in all information fields.  If you do not fill out the small ensemble performance section on the registration form initially, but then later decide that you and your harp friends would like to perform please send an email to milehighahs@gmail.com with your group leader contact information, song selection, composer, song length, and names/instruments of the other people in your group. The target length for the small group performance is 2-5 minutes. 


Your performance request will be reviewed by the Mile High Chapter Board, and you will be notified of the board’s decision. You may be asked to audition (if there are many small group requests) or as the concert date approaches a preliminary performance evaluation may be required.  PLEASE submit all small ensemble performance requests no later than SEPTEMBER 17th, 2022.

If you are unable to play in a Fantasia ensemble group but would still like to have the opportunity to perform in a small group setting for the October concert you may send an email to milehighahs@gmail.com with your request. (Please include group leader contact information, song selection, composer, song length, and names/instruments of the other people in your group) Preference will be given to registered Fantasia participants and a flat performance fee of $20 will be due upon approval of your performance request. Additionally, at least one member of your small group must be a Mile High Chapter member. 


Pictures from Previous Fantasia Years

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Sectional Rehearsal Schedule 2022

We ask that you attend at least two of the three sectional rehearsals scheduled. However, you are welcome and encouraged to attend all three rehearsal times if your schedule will allow. Please bring to each rehearsal: Your Harp, Music, Pencil & Highlighter, Music Stand, Harp Bench, and Tuner & Tuning Key. (Please label everything you bring with your name) Set up for each rehearsal will begin half an hour prior to the start times listed below. Please take advantage of this extra set up time, so that we can begin each rehearsal promptly

During each sectional rehearsal we will work on the individual group songs, as well as the combined ensemble songs.


Group A - Lever Harp Only (Beginner/Late Beginner) conductor TBA 

Sectional Dates:

September TBA

Rehearsal Venue TBA

Group B - Lever and Pedal Harp (Intermediate) conductor TBA

Sectional Dates: 

September TBA

Rehearsal Venue TBA

Group C Pedal Harp Only (Advanced) conductor Kathryn Harms 

Sectional Dates: 

September TBA

Rehearsal Venue TBA

Schedule for October 8th, 2022 - Concert Day

10:30 am – 11:30 am      Check in/Load-in

All Harps Must be tuned by the start of the Group Rehearsals and please eat lunch either before you arrive or be sure to bring plenty of snacks to eat during the breaks. (The breaks will not be long enough to leave for lunch, so please plan accordingly) 

11:30 am – 2:30 pm        Groups rehearse in their separate areas of the LCC (with breaks)

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm          Groups move to auditorium

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm          Dress Rehearsal and rehearse large ensemble pieces together

4:30 pm – 4:50 pm          Annual Fall Meeting

4:55 pm - 5:15 pm           Small Ensemble Sound Check 

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm          Break for Dinner (Harp Tuning)

6:30 pm                            Call (Please be on time!)

7:00 pm – 9:00 p.m.        Concert


Things to remember to Bring and Label Everything! (Including cases and harp carts)

Ensemble Music, tuner, tuning key, bench, sack lunch, snacks, covered water bottles (clear liquids only)


Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I register?

Complete Online Registration by clicking the link above and if you would like to become a chapter member click on the blue box above before registering. 

Where/How do I purchase the Music?

Once you register you will receive an email with links and information on how to purchase your music. Some music can be purchased through Kolacny Music and some music can be purchased through Harp Column Music. 

What is the Concert Attire?

Black Pants (No legging please) or LONG black skirt, black shirt or blouse (no exposed spaghetti straps), and black shoes. Please do not wear perfume, cologne or strong-scented hairspray. 


Where do I purchase Concert Tickets?

Concert Tickets will be available for purchase through the Lakewood Cultural Arts Center box office and on their website. Tickets for the concert are not quite ready to be sold yet, but a link can be found here with the box office goes live for this event. 

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