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March 11th, 2023: 1-5 pm (MT) Online Zoom Format

& April 15th, 2023: 1-5 pm (MT) Hybrid in Person/Online 

We are excited to offer student evaluations with an online/in-person hybrid format.

See Updated Information Below. 

These evaluations are held to help our Mile High Chapter Members improve their playing and musicianship.  It is our hope that students (of all ages) will gain experience playing for and listening to others while receiving feedback from a guest advisor.

Playing harp


From The American Harp Society Website

"Auditions and Evaluations is an educational program for harp students sponsored by the American Harp Society, Inc. 

Participants come specifically to be heard and to hear one another. Because this is a unique two-part program, there is

special focus on the improvement that can be made by participating on both days.


The word “audition” comes from the Latin [audio] which means “to hear.”  We must not confuse our Harp Society “Auditions” with the more common usage of the word audition; for this is not a competition. On the first day, participants play pieces of their own choosing for an advisor and for one another. The advisor gives each student feedback on their performance. A performer’s worksheet or traditional theory test is given. On the second day of the program, about a month later, participants show their improvement by playing the same pieces again. Because this is not a competition, no prizes are given, however everyone who participates both days receives a Certificate of Participation from the Music Education Committee of the American Harp Society."



There will be two evaluations – The first will be held on March 11th from 1:00 - 5:00 pm

and the second will be held on April 15th from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. 

The first evaluation will be held in a completely virtual setting (as previous years)

and we will use the format found below. The second evaluation will be held in person in at Faith Bible Chapel South in south Denver, with an online hybrid option if participants do not feel comfortable being in person due to Covid-19 concerns or travel hardships. The Mile High Chapter member's health and safety has high priority, and we want to respect everyone's comfort level with being in person. 


1. For the evaluation, participants should prepare 3 to 5 minutes worth of music. This can either be one piece, several shorter pieces, several orchestral excerpts, or an excerpt of a piece that is longer than 5 minutes. (See below in the FAQ for more information) If you are new to student evaluations, you can ask your harp teacher for help in selecting your music and if you have further questions, please reach out to the Mile High Chapter.  


  • We would also like the student to announce the title of their song(s) before playing each piece in the video recording. Please send your unedited recording as either an .mov or .mp4 file to The submission date for the video recording is March 7th by 11:59 p.m.

  • Additionally, please attach a pdf file of each song that the student is performing and be sure to put (Name) Student Evaluation Recording 1 in the subject line of the email.  (If you do not own a scanner there are several apps that convert a picture taken with your cell phone to a pdf file.) 

A few tips to help make your recording session go smoothly:  

  • Don't worry if your performance isn't perfect. We want to hear the real you! To help take some of the pressure off, try recording the song several times and then use the best take of three. 

  • Be sure to record your "practice" takes as well. Sometimes it is the recording that you are the happiest with as you are more relaxed. 

  • Enlist a family member to help press record/stop. Also that family member can help to keep background noise to a minimum. 

  • Dress for success! Sometimes wearing clothes that you would normally perform in can help get you in the zone. 

  • Don't forget to give your harp a good tune up before recording! 

  • Have fun and remember to breath. 

2.  On March 11th participants will be assigned a time (about 20 minutes) to receive live feedback and work with the guest harp advisor in real time through Zoom.  We encourage you to sign on to the Zoom meeting early or stay on after your assigned time to listen to at least one other student work with the advisor. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to hear other harpists perform, learn something about their songs, and support one another. (Participants or their teachers are welcome to stay signed in for the entire Zoom session if they so desire.) 

The Zoom meeting link and the assigned feedback time will be emailed out to the participants using the email provided when registering 24 hours prior to the event. 

3.  Participants will receive written feedback from their assigned guest harp advisor based on the video performance. The participants can then take this feedback to their teachers, and they have the opportunity to work on incorporating the comments into their piece over the next month. 


4.  The second evaluation is scheduled for April 15th in person in Denver at Faith Bible Chaple South. If the student participant has Covid concerns or traveling hardships, they will follow the same format as listed above for the first evaluation. *See 4a for more info regarding online only for the second evaluation  


  • For students participating IN PERSON on April 15th, we ask you to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled performance time. There will be a pedal or lever harp available for you to play on, however if you feel more comfortable on your own harp you may bring it as well. Students will have the opportunity to play their music for everyone and then receive additional feedback from your evaluator. The second evaluation will be of the same music in order to demonstrate improvement in performance and show mastery of the music. If possible, we would like the songs performed from memory at the second evaluation.

  • The Mile High Chapter Board encourages participants to arrive early or stay after their assigned time to listen to at least one other student work with the advisor. This is a great opportunity to show support for your fellow harpists and learn about other fun harp music you may want to learn as well!

*4a.  Students will submit the second video recording of their songs by 11:59 p.m. on April 12th if they are doing the second Evaluation Virtually as well. The second recording will be of the same music in order to demonstrate improvement in their performance and show mastery of the music. If possible, we would like the songs performed from memory at the second evaluation. The student will also receive additional feedback and comments the second day from our guest evaluators.

5.  The registration fee is $15 dollars and students need to be current members of the local Mile High Chapter of the American Harp Society in order to participate. If you are not a member of the Mile High Chapter, you can pay membership dues online and participate in this event and other events in the future. Space is limited, so be sure to register soon!

All students who complete both evaluations will receive a

Certificate of Participation from the American Harp Society, Inc.


Please register and pay online by clicking the event button below.


We are pleased to announce that our 2023 guest advisors will be

Janet Harriman and Rebecca Moritzky

See more information about our guest advisor below.

Student Evaluations 2023
Student Evaluations 2023
First Evaluation will be held on ZOOM
Student Eval Register Anchor

Evaluation Schedule 



Students are encoraged to play more than one song for the evaluation if their perfomance time is under two minutes. Just be mindful that the total performance time for all songs combined cannot exceed 5 minutes.


No. As long as the music is out of the learning notes stage and can be played at a steady tempo it is expectable to play it as a piece in progress.


Not for the first evaluation as it will be held in an all virtual setting.  We are able to hold the second evaluation in person and there will be a lever and pedal harp available for participants to play.  You are welcome to bring your own harp instead for the second evaluation if you are more comfortable playing on it instead.  We ask that if you are bringing a harp please arrive early to get your harp unloaded and possibly tuned, so we can stay on schedule


Yes, you need to be a current member of our local Mile High Chapter to participate in the student evaluation program. Student Member ship dues are $15, regular membership dues are $20, and the registration cost is $15  


No. This is an opportunity to grow as a performer, gain more mastery of the music, learn from others, and support your fellow harpists.

IS There an age limit for students to participate?

Students of ALL ages are welcome and encouraged to participate. 



Janet Harriman


Rebecca Moritzky

Janet Harriman began her harp studies with her mother, Jean Harriman. She continued her studies with Alice Chalifoux while she attended the College of Wooster, the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Salzedo Harp Colony. Harriman has performed as soloist, chamber player, and opera and orchestral member in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, New York and Colorado, and internationally in South America, Europe and Asia. 

She is currently principal harpist with the Central City Opera Festival, a position she has held since 1993, and principal harpist with Opera Colorado.

Harriman is an alumnus of the New World Symphony and the National Repertory Orchestra. She received the New World Symphony’s Community Board Award which recognizes “leadership and fellowship with her commitment to continuing artistic development.”

Harriman is an active organizer and participant in community arts projects in Summit County, Colorado. She has been an active player and board member of the Summit Community Orchestra for more than 15 years, and is co-founder and board member of the Summit Youth Orchestra. She helped establish and organize the Fall for the Arts celebration from 2012 through 2014, a countywide festival highlighting the visual and performing arts community in Summit County, and collaborated with the town of Silverthorne to establish a Café Concert Series in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, Harriman was co-founding director of Scale the Summit Music—summer programs that offered educational opportunities for Summit County kids—from 2009 through 2013.

Rebecca Moritzky has played harp for 22 years. She performs regularly across the Denver Metro and Colorado Front Range area. She obtained her Harp Performance degree from the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver, and a second degree in Worship Arts from Colorado Christian University. Rebecca is the principal harpist for the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra and the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra. She has also performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. She plays with the worship team at Faith Bible Chapel South. Rebecca has played for over 500 weddings, tea luncheons, churches, receptions, and other events through her Heart Strings Harps business.

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